I tried Alligator meat in New Orleans

I finally did it!! Visiting NOLA had always been on my bucket list… but eating Alligator meat?  That wasn’t always so.

I normally hate some reptiles and snails, frogs – anything slimy – not that Allgator is slimy – (I found out later,) so of course I didn’t dream of trying it before.

But last year, on my friend’s farewell dinner – my Korean and Thai friends encouraged me to eat fried frog leg. They said “taste like chicken” and that it “tastes goooooddd!!” Now, I have already mentioned that I hate frogs – and I mean it. I ab-so-fu&@ing-lutely hate it. I rather be chased by 3-5 roaches than one frog.

But it was my friend’s farewell party, and I was tipsy. I also felt adventurous in the moment. (Some just call it liquid courage.) So I did it – and it was soooo chewy I can just imagine the frog while swallowing it.

After that one mistake I will never repeat again – I have gained some courage to try some peculiar food. After all, alligator meat isn’t that rare – especially in the south. Some people eat it all the time. (Oh and they love frogs too in some part of swamps – according to the TV show “Chasing Monsters” with Cyril Chauquet.

I yelped some places in NOLA that has gator meat. But they looked too touristy – I don’t wanna go eat at a tourist trap. So I walked around, found some nice looking restaurant called “Kingfish” and checked their menu. Voila!! There it was – “braised Louisiana alligator meat.” It’s a fresh local meat. Scoreeee!!



I walk up to the bar, see some friendly bartenders and order it. I order Pinot Grigio, my go-to white wine with seafood. Gator meat, is… seafood, right? Or is it meat? Because it is gator “meat”? Either way Pinot Grigio should do just fine.

I was getting tipsy just from half the glass, the liquid courage is sneaking up on me again. The food runner brings me a big plate.


It looks yummy, and smells good – now dig that fork in – forkyeah- and I shake it a little on the fork. It’s meaty and jiggly. (Yes, I am still talking about the food.)

And I take a bite. Oh. Hmmm. It’s texture is sort of like, a hard fish. It’s not hard at all, but does not easily break apart like regular fish.

It is kind of like between fish and chicken.

I hear fried gator feels more like chicken, but this was braised. So that must be the reason why it’s so tender and fish-like.

It tasted good, and I did it. I wouldn’t always order this, but it was good enough so I can try again.

I learned from true Louisiana swamp guys that they fry their seafood with corn meal – not with flour.

Next time I’m back in Louisiana, I would love to try the seafood and gator meat they cook. That shall be on my next adventure when I’m back in New Orleans!!



Next day, I took “Ultimate Swamp Tour” and held a baby alligator. His skin felt so soft like leather – and he was such a sweetheart!! He will one day make a great meat! Just kidding, haha 😆

I’ll write about Street art and Jazz in New Orleans for my next post.

Thank you for visiting, until next time… 🤗




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