My image of “Deer Paradise” took an unexpected turn

Hai-Sai everyone!!

Sorry it had been a while since I posted last… moving overseas and traveling all happened at once… but here I am back!! With a story! 😉

On the way back home from New York, I stopped in Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. My friend visited Japan last year and fed deer, posted insta stories that looked ohhhhh sooooo adorable!!

So when my good friend from New York said that she’s visiting Japan about the time I’m moving back – and visiting some cities I’ve never been like Nara and Osaka – I jumped on the opportunity.

Since I loooooove animals I was so excited to finally see deer, feed and pet them!! 💃🏻😘💖🦌 ayyyyyyye

3 minutes of skipping out of Nara station, (I don’t care what people think of  my happy behaviors,) I saw bunch of deer and oh myyyy😍😍😍😍 I was ecstatic!!

But my friends whom I travelled with warned me that deer that hang out around the “deer cookies” venders should be avoided. So we picked a place further away from the streets… and still my friends got chased around by 3 deer, because poor thing, she was holding the bag with bread in it. They can smell the food on her!! We also saw bunch of helpless tourists being chased by many beer everywhere in deer-crowded area. Oh no we don’t want that. Although it was very funny to watch that… 😂😂

So I thought I’d pick an innocent looking, baby deer to feed. I was feeding one… and I suddenly felt a punch on my butt. And again. I look back and a deer was head-butting me, because how dare I not see her and feed another!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Sorry dear deer!

Later, I was trying to make a deer repeat the trick of “bowing.” I had food in my hand, well –  never tease a hungry, potentially aggressive animal. I saw teeth, and he bit me right by the crotch!! 😱😳😖 Japanese deer ain’t so demure like Japanese ladies. 😒




And later, as if I hadn’t learned enough, I saw a nice deer by herself on the lawn, on the hill away from other deer. All the way down there across the lawn I see poor tourists (oh yeah I’m a tourist too,) being chased by 8+ deer…

Luckily I’m all the way over here, and there’s only one. She approaches and… OH MY GWAD CAN DEER SEE LIKE A HAWK!? Those 8+ horde of deer see me all the way from there (that was like 50 yards) and charge across the lawn, very fast. I tear up my baguette and drop them all over the lawn and walk away as if I’m competing race walking at the olympics.

Lesson learned: yes Nara deer are cute, the baby ones away from the crowded area… AND DONT YOU EVER TEASE THEM. No one got the time for that and certainly not these deer!! They act like they haven’t eaten in weeks when they’re fed every 2 minutes!!

Expectation: 💃🏻💖🦌😘

in reality was 😱🏃🏻‍♀️💦💨🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌💨💨💨💨

But when you see only like 2 of them in sight, like the corner of a park and if you don’t see any other in your sight… you should definitely feed them!! They are more shy and not aggressive. I even grew attachment toward two babies 😍

Thank you for visiting, until next time… 🤗




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